Small Space Living

First off, I want to apologise for the recent radio silence on wire-hanger.

Life happens. As it turns out.

I have another confession to make. My real life wire-hangers are no more. I have officially made the (very) grown up transition to a proper wardrobe with co-ordinating white painted hangers!

If I’m being philosophical, (i.e: thinking too much) I’d say that they represent a shift. I’ve recently turned 25, and perhaps I feel like buying co-ordinating white hangers will make me feel like the adult that I’m not quite ready to be.

Since quitting my full time fashion job, life has changed dramatically.  I am now training to be a lawyer, (Hii Elle Woods) and I’ve ditched London for Leeds (for the moment.)

But the point of this post isn’t to talk about life up North (more of that to come,) it’s to share some secrets of small space living – and how to make the most of what you’ve got. Oli and I have recently moved into our own flat. We love it. But it’s…cosy. It’s pretty tiny, and I know many of my London friends will empathise with this.



Storage boxes – fabric friendly – I’ve generally shied away from storage boxes. However, practicalities have meant that I have had to buy some. I was adamant that they had to be fabric friendly though, as otherwise if you store clothes, they’ll end up going mouldy. I’d recommend staying away from plastics or woods, and opting for something with a softer hand-feel. We have bought a few in different sizes, and have used them to store summer clothes. They’re extremely light and can be stored on top of the wardrobe or under the bed. 



Dressing Table Mirrors – Moving to Leeds, I was unable to bring my dressing table with me. Top Tip – Buy a free standing dressing table mirror and place on top of your chest of drawers – voila! No sitting on the floor to do your make up, or trying to use a steamy bathroom mirror. 


Goodbye hang rails! Invest in a proper wardrobes…hang rails might seem like the cheaper option, but they’ll drive you insane when they keep falling over. Since investing in the one below from IKEA – my clothes have never been more organised! And that’s a mean feat. A top tip would be – don’t buy online. Go into the store and explore your options. We managed to get ours cheaper by making both doors mirrored, and by having more rails inside instead of shelves. Also, note the white hangers! Amazing investment. Clothes won’t pull, and they’ll be kept nice and crisp. 


Netted drawers – Small flats can be damp. There is also less space, which makes drying clothes especially hard. First, invest in a good drying rack. We have recently got a heated one which is fantastic. I would also recommend netted drawers. They let your clothes breathe, and you can escape ending up with that musty smell. I also think they add variety to mix of materials used. 


Units – We need extra storage in our flat for records and books. Invest in stylish square units to keep things organised. 




Lamps – Lamps and mirrors give more light to the small space, creating the illusion of more room. A definite must. 


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