Bonobo brought all the magic to his first London show in 3 years, and the Brixton academy made for the perfect setting. Standout tracks from the new album ‘Migration,’ such as ‘Bambro Koya Ganda’ were mixed with amplified compilations from the ‘Black Sands’ days, and the blend was pretty perfect. My personal favourite was the ‘Two-Towers’ rendition featuring the beautiful vocals of Szjeredene Mulcale – who is the lead vocalist for this tour. Szjeredene has sung with the band for several years now, and the strength of the musical partnership has certainly blossomed. For me, it was the silky quality of Szjerdene’s voice that melted perfectly with Bonobo’s expertly honed sound, that made this show a world-class performance.

Click below to see where else they’re playing and catch them on another one of their tour dates.

Bonobo Tour

Video & images credit wire-hanger.


bonobo 8

bonobo 5

bonobo 3

bonobo 4



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