This year, Dame Vivienne Westwood has designed the tote for LFW. Expecting nothing less for the sustainable fashion queen, the tote is made from 100% organic cotton, and raises awareness about climate change. The image on the bag shows a projection of NASA’s map of the world, should climate change rise by another 4%.


The tote is based on Westwood’s A/W 17’Etrocity’ collection and the ethos behind it. This is the idea that we should all switch to green energy and put a stop climate change. Proceeds from the tote will go to the charity, ‘FUEL POVERTY ACTION,’ which provides debt relief, draft protection and other poverty prevention methods to vulnerable members of society. Westwood’s philanthropy has transcended in fashion for many years. This particularly resonates with me, as 7 years ago, I volunteered to work in her pop up store for ‘Fashion for Relief’ in support of the Haiti earthquake. That year, Westwood supported the campaign, by designing a t-shirt, with all proceeds donated to the earthquake relief effort.


It’s always amazing to see the fashion community coming together to support good causes. It’s important to keep talking about the positive messages in fashion. Fashion has the power to inspire thought, and Westwood uses this power by sending powerful messages through her designs. Messages we should listen to – and take action.

The official Vivienne Westwood tote can be purchased for £20 at the London Fashion Week Festival. 





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