OXFAM are making history this fashion week, as they showcased their first runway debut. Charity shops have long been the unspoken rule of fashion’s coolest set. There is something about the faded quality of preloved pieces, that just can’t be achieved by shiny new branded fodder. They are often verging on vintage, and when mixed with your closet, they create instant mystery. Where did you get that? Lest they just look knowingly at you and nod.

OXFAM’s collection in fashion week though, brings charity shop chic to the wider fashion public. The runway show was in aid of the charity’s campaign, ‘Fashion fighting poverty,’ and all proceeds will be donated to the cause. The success of this show is also particularly poignant, as it represents the shifting attitudes of the fashion elite towards sustainable brands, and the connection with catwalk and consumer. The show itself was styled by industry renowned stylist Bay Garnett, who proves that you don’t need a £3k dress to make an impact. Speaking of the show and the campaign, he called it a ‘constructive project,‘ to help those less fortunate. He also championed charity shops – ‘digging around and creating looks is what I do and love.’ This show has made history, and here’s to many more like it!










To find out more about Oxfam’s work, browse their online shop, or join the fight to help people struggling with the grim grind of poverty across the globe, go to [Oxfam.]




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