Ahead of AW17 shows this weekend, I was thinking about the last fashion week. Brands and designers are pushing boundaries every season and we wait with anticipation to see who will make headlines and history this time round.

With this in mind, I wanted to look back at my favourite highlight from the SS17 shows – Vetements, and their mastermind project.Vetements SS17 collection was one big collaboration. Every product type was covered, and overall they featured 18 different collaborations with different brands.

So, what inspired this collaborative extremity? Well, 2016 was ‘the year of the collab,’ with high-end designers cosying up to high street counterparts left, right, and centre. With this in mind, the Vetements collaboration project can be seen in two ways. Either, it is a satirical comment on the commercialisation of ‘the collaboration’ and the way it is used to refresh a tired brand image. Or, it is a nod to the very real need for fashion to continue in its progression to be more diverse. During the show, many models were featured, and all kinds of different faces and bodies walked the runway. The project was a way to examine the very fibre of what makes a brand ‘iconic.’ The outfits on the catwalk projected the defining characteristic of the collaborator, and the brand identity of each partner was amplified in the looks. For example, for Carhatt – it was the worker dungaree, for Reebok -it was the 90s sports jacket, and for Juicy – it was the velour tracksuit. All of these, are products that have longevity, and have been consumed time and time again by the fashion public. Not only this, but the idea of collaboration itself is taken to the extreme, and externalised on the runway, something that makes this brand iconic and brave.



So, what will they do next? Will they be upstaged? Better find out.

Full list of collaborators below:

Vetements x Levi

Vetements x Dr. Martens

Vetements x Canada Goose

Vetements x Eastpak

Vetements x Reebok

Vetements x Alpha Industries

Vetements x Carharrt WIP

Vetements x Comme des Garcons

Vetements x Champion

Vetements x Monolo Blahnik

Vetements x Mackintosh

Vetements x Brioni

Vetements x Schott

Vetements x Lucchese

Vetements x Juicy Couture

Vetements x Hanes

Vetements x Churches

Vetements x Kawasaki







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