This is a real fun trend. Seen on the catwalk at LFWM, and reminiscent of Rachel Green, the vinyl trend is set to be big for the new season.  It is anyone’s prediction that the onset of festival season will bring with it an upsurge in raincoats and ponchos (Glastonbury anyone?) But, what I’m talking about is vinyl moving mainstream. Designers becoming more experimental with the fabric on different core styling blocks. Brands are already becoming more experimental with ‘wet look’ fabrics. Alexa Chung is a huge fan. She included vinyl coats in her own label range, and shows us that they can have an added fashion edge. vinyl was seen on maxi-coats at recent fashion weeks, and styles came accessorised with fur collars or belted waists. The Copenhagen fashion pack branched out into skirts, worn with fluffy jumpers and platforms. So 90’s kids, here’s another trend to add to the style revolution. Rachel Green, we’re coming for ya.

How to wear it?

Style with a hoodie and statement sunglasses:


Add frayed jeans and slinky boots.


Go all out and find the shiniest treasure you can get your hands on. Remember to add badass boots and bag.


Add a fur collar a-la-Chung, make sure the colour pops.


Or just pick a crazy colour altogether.


Mix the trend with the sportswear aesthetic – if Lacoste can…


Or if you want to keep it old school, go to a charity shop, and dress up like Rach.




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