what a spectacle.

Four eyed friends, this is for you.

It first dawned on me that I needed glasses when I started secondary school. In science lessons, I would sit with my elbows on the desk, squinting at the squiggles on the whiteboard, struggling to see. I’d begun to get terrible headaches from going to school, and my eleven year old self was convinced she was allergic to it. Alas, it was my eyesight.

My first trip to the opticians was absolutely terrifying. My local practice was pretty old school and smelt funny. I didn’t like it at all. For anyone that’s lucky enough to have 20/20 vision, let me explain. Going to the opticians is a strange experience. You’re sat in a chair thatΒ is about as appealing as the dentist’s recliner. You put on ‘special spectacles’ that are an attractive combination of luminescent green and post box red. You try to ignore your ridiculous reflection in the mirror, and then, reading letters that you can’t see you wonder if you even know the alphabet at all…

In short, having bad eyesight sucks, and after looking at yourself wearing the lurid shades, you are really are ready for something stylish.

I’m writing this post because I’m in search of some new specs. Having worn contact lenses for half my life, my eyes are often tired and red at the end of a day at work. My friends would probably add to that…and mention the ‘devil eyes’ that can sometimes appear after one too many gins… :)?

Doing my research, I’ve come across the brand i’ve chosen for my next frames. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s called CUBITTS KX, and It’s not just for prescriptions. They do amazing sunglasses as well. I’ve never been one for the prescription sunglass, so I guess I’ll have to buy two pairs, one for the office, and one for the winter sun (I’m an optimist.)

I particularly love these thin silver frames. I have often gone for thick heavy black styles, by default really (I wear a lot of black.) but, as a blonde, I think the more delicate shape is better for me. What do you think?

BEMERTON – cubitts kX 125Β£





image credits: cubitts.co.uk


FRAMECRAFT: “each pair of BEMERTON’s is crafted from a single piece of italian acetate and hand polished to gain an enduring finish and colour”


image credit: cubitts.co.uk

other top picks:



medburn .jpg
















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