RAINS can stay

Anyone that knows me well, will have heard me gushing about danish outerwear brand RAINS. This is a label that has made macs cool again.

Where the high street has dabbled in the fashion mac (how can we forget the transparent festival poncho?!) – RAINS has conquered. This brand is all about quality, and only uses 100% waterproof fabrications. The brand has a gorgeous selection of both men’s and women’s styles, not to mention their accessories…

Case in point…since buying one of their ‘messenger’ bags, I’ve been hooked. This bag is truly unstoppable, It’s completely waterproof, and looks really expensive.

messenger bag: RAINS





image credit: RAINS.dk

This bag comes everywhere with me. It’s really roomy, so I often pack it as a weekend bag. I also love how it looks pretty smart, so if I’m running from work, it doesn’t look out of place with a pegged trouser and shirt.

The messenger bags are priced at 499.00 DK – but don’t panic… this actually only amounts toΒ roughly 60 great british pounds, of which it definitely deserves.

The messenger bags come in several pops of colour, if you’re looking to brighten up you’re mono colour palette (guilty.) Why not try khaki, or be bold and go for blue or rust.

For cyclists out there, RAINS is the perfect choice. Waterproof, and hardwearing, you can’t go wrong.

I’ve decided that I’ll need another companion for my messenger, because, although it is great, it’s slightly oversized for the everyday. I’m lusting after the below for my new workbag..it’s the backpack ‘mini,’ and it’s suitable for ‘people of all sizes,’ (5ft anyone?..)

backpack mini: RAINS


image credit: RAINS.dk

So, what about the raincoats…

Yellow is the flavour of the day. I’m not usually one for brights, but shades of yellow make outerwear pop. Team with all black for maximum impact.





image credit: RAINS.dk

Other styles include, the breaker, parka and poncho. – take you’re pick.





image credit: RAINS.dk


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