white leather luxe

The leather trainer has now firmly established itself as a wardrobe essential for the lover of fashion and comfort.

Combining the most loved material of a shoe upper with the unbeatable trainer sole makes for a winning staple. investing in a white leather trainer will ensure that you look polished but relaxed and never ‘try hard.’

Top of my wishlist is these beauties by Swedish brand EYTYS, a force to be reckoned with, as we see their minimalist influence and crisp detailing being mimicked by premium high street retailers across both men’s and womenswear.

I’m torn between the low tops with the beautifully thin laces, made from white calf leather and using premium rubber soles…



image credit: EYTYS.com

and the equally attractive hi tops – 230e


image credit: EYTYS.com

A chunky sole makes goes along way here (albeit my not so secret addiction) as it adds to the luxurious appeal of the shoe.

This trend is amazingly unisex and some other top buys include:

Wrap over sneaks from cos – 89£, pretty much slippers for fashion people


image credit: cosstores.com

Lace up ORBITAL TRAINERS from the french menswear brand making waves –  s a n d r o 295$


image credit: us.sandro-paris.com

But price tags aside, the high street are also all over this trend, and there are many amazing PU substitutes out there, so get inspired.

The key to the look is a clean finish, and definitely some good leather wipes…



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